Ever have one of those days…  You know the kind, The ones where ya smack yourself in the head and say Oh God I am SUCH a DORK!!  Of course we never ever want to admit those little moments to anyone…  but then, ya know, we all DO have them…  and I seem to feel I have them more than anyone… 

I’m a DORK!  In my usual silly fashion, I, yes I am PROUD to share this little detail of my personality with you.  And while I know that God has created us uniquely, I am sure there are other DORK’s around.  Perhaps you have yet to discover your DORKY side, and that’s ok.  In this wonderful wacky world, DORKS of all kinds are acceptable I’m sure. 

The first time I sang this song, I wore a Duck nose… or a plasticish bill/beak, yellow in color, covering my nose. I have a rather odd/quirky sense of humor at times, and love to be silly. This was written, as my act of rebellion (lol) My girls, who are used to my quirks, have several times over said (in annoyance, frustration, and good humor) ‘Mom, you are such a DORK!’ This inspired me to find a truly acceptable meaning for a word that was once was considered an insult to some…   so I did what I always do when I’m so inspired… 

Sing with me, Join me if you dare!!  It’ll tickle your funny bone & make you feel REALLY good, when you’re able to laugh with me, at me, and laugh at yourself too!!

C’mon Be Ridiculous…  Stand in front of the Mirror, Pull out your most obnoxious voice and Sing With Me!!


I’m a Dork
(My Very Own Theme Song)
©Sue Anderson, All Rights Reserved 2003 – 2011
An-ders-(S)on-shine, Silliness, Stories, Legends, Laughter, & Love™
It is God who arms me with strength and makes my way perfect. Ps.18:32

I’m a Dork, and I just can’t help it,
I’m a Dork, and I gotta admit,
I’ve got the whole world sighin,
and they’ll soon be cryin,
from laughing out loud
cause I’m a Dork!

Sing it with me if you dare
Sing it with me I don’t care
there’s many more where I came from
We can bang a different drum
So just sing it, give it a try
You don’t have to wonder why
Just sing it with me-e-e ~~
C’mon & Sing it with me-eeee

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!
Be it know for the intents and purposes of this song, and future purposes not yet known or stated…

A person known as a D O R K is one who is a:


C’mon now, don’t be shy, Sing along already why dontcha!!

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