The Day after Christmas  

©Sue Anderson, All Rights Reserved 2005 – 2011
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It is God who arms me with strength and makes my way perfect. Ps.18:32

Twas the day after Christmas    

and all through the house    

the children were screaming    

I was quiet as a mouse    


Stockings and paper    

littered the floor    

toys and stuff scattered    

we couldn’t open the door    


Not one took a shower    

there was no need to look nice    

we didn’t go shopping    

for we all knew the price    


My wits were in tatters    

how I longed for a nap    

my patience was fleeting    

before long I would snap    


Then out in the hall    

there arose a hysterical sound    

I knew in a moment    

all hell would be found    


I fumed as I marched    

down the hall full of fury    

if the Dear Lord could see me    

he’d throw out the jury    


Well all of a sudden    

I stopped dead as a nail    

the sight before me    

sorta brought me up pale    


The children were laughing    

and cleaning with glee    

I knew this beheld    

a distinct mystery    


Slowly but surely    

there became such an order    

I thought I must be suffering    

from some rare disorder    


As soon as the mess    

was no longer in sight    

I was surrounded with hugs    

and bid a quick good nite    


I searched my brain    

for a reason or two    

trying to understand what’d happened    

and praying it was true    


Then I heard a voice say    

in a whisper not a shout    

Now get plenty of rest    

and go turn that light out    


I knew then and there    

what had happened you see    

Our Dear Lord had came    

and saved little ole me    


As I snuggled ‘neath the covers    

and cleared out my head    

I whispered a prayer    

all warm in my bed    


Dear Father in Heaven    

You are SO good to me,    

Bless all of my Brothers    

and Sisters you see    


Give them all patience    

and peace in their heart    

help those that don’t trust you    

Know they should start    


Give them a comfort    

that never will stray    

and Dear Lord I ask that    

you’d bless them today    


No sooner was my prayer    

finished as said    

I fell quickly asleep    

and slept the sleep of the dead    


Cloaked in the love    

that I wish for you    

of our Father, our Savior,    

and all that is true.