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It is God who arms me with strength and makes my way perfect. Ps.18:32

Like a fish out of water, I flounder

Determined yet needing to swim

I don’t understand what’s happening

Or what’s got me to the shape I’m in.


Finding a way to balance

To change and blossom and grow

Each step I take seems to require,

Something that I simply don’t know.


As I turn to the left I wonder

Was there something I missed over there?

What if I’ve left something behind?

Then before long I’m pulling out my hair.


A fish out of water can’t survive long,

It’s like taking away the air that it must breathe.

Yet with each change that must happen,

I find there is something to grieve


I truly wish this was easier

This feeling of being a mess

Why does growth have to be so hard,

And cause such exhaustive distress?


So as I test out these new waters

I pray I don’t cause a fright

For any of my fellow fishes

Who swim with me on this fight.


Each fish is a treasure so precious

Far more than they’ll ever know

Internally I’m simply frightened

That they’ll give up on me and simply let go.

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