Follow the Yellow Brick Road

When I was a child, I loved watching the Wizard of Oz. It was one of my all time favorite movies… I would sigh towards the end as Dorothy would click her heels together that three times…

“There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home!”

And just like that, she’d be home snug in her bed, her eyes would open and she’d cry “Auntie Em, Auntie Em!!”.

The story is one that I was reminded of yesterday when I visited Barnes & Noble. I couldn’t believe all the goodies that were available. Journals, bookmarks, pendants… and on the 50% off table was this bag… I couldn’t resist!

Do you remember the journey, as Dorothy is off to see the wizard, she comes across the tin man who needs a heart, the cowardly lion who needs courage, and the scarecrow who needs a brain…

I could while away the hours,
Cavortin with the flowers
In pleasure or in pain….
In my thoughts I’d be thinkin
I could be another Lincoln
If I only had a brain…

They all set off on a journey to see the Wizard by following the Yellow Brick Road. Of course this was not an easy journey… it was filled with turmoil after turmoil including that of the Wicked Witched who vowed…

“I’ll get you my pretty”

They were chased by flying monkeys, and Dorothy was captured. The lion, tin man, and scarecrow, all managed to rescue Dorothy, who saved the world from the Wicked Witch.

At last they reached the Emerald City and finally got to see the Wizard. It astounds me, when I look back, that the answers they each sought were answers they had all along.

I’ve always needed a tad more courage… For me, asking for help, has always been a stretch… I’ve found within myself creative ways to reach out – in one area in particular… I can’t tell you how astounded I was that putting my creativity to work, was all I really need to do. Funny that I had the answer all along and didn’t even recognize it!! Lol

Take a moment to look at your life… Can you see any resemblance to the quest that our friends were on? What is it you wish you had, that you believe you don’t? What path are you taking to acquire it?

Picture yourself on the yellow brick road… We’re all skipping along with you to reach the “Emerald City”..

Follow the Yellow Brick Road
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