My porcelain angel had a rather unfortunate moment yesterday when she  was accidentally knocked off my desk and fell between the desk and the file cabinet.  I picked her up and thought… “Oh my gosh, she’s lost her head!!”
Have you ever had moments, days, or perhaps simply occasions where you felt invisible?  Now, I know what you’re thinking… that’s not possible Sue, NOBODY is invisible!  Well, I know that, and YOU know that, but that doesn’t mean we can’t FEEL it. 

For example, you’re in the grocery store, and the clerk at the deli counter asks everyone else, if she can help them…  you hold up your hand… ‘uhm Miss…  over here’…  and she passes you right on by and helps somebody else… again, and again, and again…. until FINALLY the other gal who’d been waiting on others in another section, looks at you and says…. ‘Have you been helped yet’? 


You walk into a room full of friends, try to join in the conversation and for some reason, nobody seems to hear you, you make several more attempts, and still nothing.  You do the ‘yoo hoo hello wave’…  to no avail, and that’s when it sinks in….  You’re invisible.

I have decided that being invisible, is just not fun….  nor is it fair….  but what to do to change it…  do I die my hair bright orange, wear loud clothes, wear antlers or bunny ears or some such thing to call attention to myself ? Being invisible sucks… times like these cause me, internally to lose my head.
My personal favorite solution would be to wear a sign on my forehead, I’m invisible, wanna join me?  But with my luck… that would be ‘invisible too’… and then where would I be? 

Last week I had gone to a support group and after tearfully sharing how I was feeling, listened as everyone took their turn.  When it came time for “group work” as this group likes to call it.. the focus is  for anyone who is struggling to have the opportunity to share more about what’s going on, and possibly benefit from the wisdom of the group.

 Conversations geared up over this, that, and everything BUT mine.  I felt invisible…  ignored..  and I found myself wondering…
Had they not seen that I was upset, had they not seen my tears.  Did I need to jump up on the table to get noticed?  Internally I lost my head, and wanted to shout… “Am I freakin invisible here”?  Instead I got up and left, feeling worse than when I’d arrived.
A friend asked me today as I was sharing this latest experience with her, “why didn’t you”?  I had not a clue…  and yet I think if I HAD taken that first step to shout out what I was internalizing, the outcome, likely would have been much different.
Think about a time when you felt invisible.  How did you respond?  What could you do in the future to get your needs met…  Without, that is, losing your head?

I’m Invisible, Are You Invisible too?
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