Chaos, Dancing, and Relaxation

One must have chaos in oneself in order to give birth to a dancing star.

~Friedrich Nietzsche

Chaos & dancing… What DO they have in common? Have you ever taken a dance class? A very dear friend of mine was sharing the other day about his experience of attending one not long ago.

He concentrated SO hard, on the moves… and was SO focused, his eyes bugged out (or at least they did when he was demonstrating his concentration during the telling of his story). His partner laughed, and when questioned, she replied… “I can SEE the wheels turning in his head”. An awkward moment for him, a great example for me!

Chaos is something I’m very familiar with. I’ve lived with it most of my life in some fashion or another, If I knew that was all I needed to be a dancing star – I could already have been on Dancing with the Stars!! lol

Ohhhh that chaos, what it does to us… churns us inside out and makes us feel all clenched inside and honestly, when I think about it, it’s rather like an anxiety thing…

So if I took a lesson from this, I’d know beyond a doubt, I just need to relax. I thought perhaps we could do a bit of that today…. Just relax….

Let your mind wander… As I type, my mind hears the words…

♫ Relax! Don´t do it When you want to go to it… Relax don’t do it… When you want to go ♫

Why is it I wonder, that a song about relaxing has me feeling like dancing… It’s chaos I tell you, total, utter chaos!! lol

What is it that you enjoy doing for yourself that helps you to relax? What style of dancing do you enjoy the most? Though we have no music, we can sing the songs we need to sing while we try out each of your favorite dances. Off key singing, is HIGHLY encouraged!

Okay, everybody up…. Let’s start with the first favorite dance style mentioned…. Disco!! Ready??

I-I-I-I’m Stayin Alive, Stayin Alive, I-I-I-I’m Stayin Aliiiiiiiive, I’m staying alive

Alright, now that we’re all dancing stars, what can you use from this experience that will get you through the next week? As for me, I think when I get home each night, I’m going to try to remember how much fun this was, turn on some music, and do a little dancing with, or without the broom… and maybe, just maybe, I’ll singing along, off key on purpose!!

Incidentally, I married the dear friend on January 1, 2011

Chaos, Dancing, and Relaxation
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