The Brotherhood of Shawn & Art

Miles away from my familiar surroundings I found myself at an extended (of sorts) kitchen table eating a scrumptious Spaghetti Dinner in the home of Shawn of Davenport. 

Early Saturday morning, I along with Art, his daughter Aubrey, and her boyfriend Adam we set out on a journey “out of dodge”.  This is from everything I’ve learned through the years a regular ritual.

It was at one point during the dinner conversation that the Brotherhood of Shawn and Art came up, totally catching Art off guard.  Secretly I have a hunch about how this came about initially, but I’ll get to that later.

From the other table extension Miranda sat, along with Alysha and their Mom Laurie (THE spaghetti chef), and Shawn.  Now in ordinary times one might not have suspected a thing.  Dinners happen often in this place, the faces may change, but Shawn’s house is a gathering place of sorts. 

On this particular occasion however, Miranda kept stealing glances…  back and forth between Art and Shawn her eyes traveled quizzically, focusing longer than anything on Art.  It was truly humorous actually, probably one of those most people would say you’d have to be there to truly experience, but some stories are simply meant to be told.  This is one of those.

Unaware of Miranda’s earlier quizzical glances towards Art, which I wasn’t aware of until this morning, It all made sense.  Miranda you see, was trying unsuccessfully, to solve a puzzle.

After she could take it no longer she finally blurted out the question… “Are you two REALLY brothers”? Art nearly fell out of his chair laughing while asking “Where on EARTH did you get THAT idea?”  Shawn’s reaction though laughing as well, led me to believe, that hunch I had earlier was correct. 

If you knew these two guys, for any length of time, you would see that they both have a knack for what some would call “tom-foolery”, Art I KNOW is a MASTER of blarney, he could tell a tale a mile long and have you believing it.  Shawn, from the little I know of him, is much the same.  Indeed these two could be brothers, but they’re not the blood related kind. 

The Brotherhood of Shawn and Art began in 2001 when they met through involvement in the Boy Scouts.   It’s no surprise that they became fast friends, and though they now live miles apart, there is a bond that resembles a Brotherhood of Sorts.  They have weathered many of life’s storms through knowing they had one anothers back.  It’s rather neat to see them together.   Their camaraderie is something to be admired!

The Brotherhood of Shawn & Art
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