Often times, with the weight of the world on our shoulders, we feel stuck, trapped, like giving up, like no matter which way we turn, it’s going to be the wrong way. We feel like tossing in the proverbial towel.

So many roadblocks, So many obstacles to overcome, and daily life becomes such a struggle. Who to talk to, Who to trust, is there anyone who will understand in such a way they can help us over to the other side? Is there anyone like that out there?

Sometimes it feels like there isn’t one such person, that there is no way out, and then before you know it your thoughts are going down a path that would lead to certain destruction.

Such was the case for me the last several days and without going into all the details of what led my thoughts there, I’ll just say that once again I managed to give myself just the boost I needed, without even so much as a plan other than to have something inspiring to wake up to.

I just downloaded a new app for my iPhone last night. It was an alarm clock with an option to choose a playlist. As my thoughts were reaching the ‘tipping point’, “I Believe” started to play, followed by “You are Love (Don’t Give Up), followed by India Arie’s “Beautiful Day”, followed by “Footloose”, and then my other alarm went off, with “I will lift my voice”….

The combination, the unique lifting of the storm clouds, gets me out of bed, dancing along. When the song is over and the morning D.J.’s start talking about having a need for inspiration and ‘tipping points’ I sit back on my bed in awe. “Better than a Halleluiah” starts to play on the play-listed alarm, followed by “Just Dance”. I couldn’t agree more!! lol

Coincidentally, the playlist was set to shuffle mode so the songs that I first heard this morning were not in the order I had chosen them.

Smiling internally and externally, my thoughts now on a brighter path…. “You’ll Never Let Me Go – Don’t Let me Lose my way” are the words to the song on the second alarm….. I’m no longer in that dark space I was moments ago.

My faith or spiritual path, often coupled with music is a shelter from many of the storms of my life. Today it managed to “Tip the Proverbial Towel Outta the Way”

As I end this “The Warrior” begins to play on my snoozed first play list alarm… I chuckle as I remember the picture of a Warrior I once wrote about after a lengthier though similar dark time.

What is it that provides shelter from the storms of your life? Be prepared to open your ears and hear the answers that are sure to come to a willing listener.

Tipping the Proverbial Towel Outta the Way
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It is God who arms me with strength and makes my way perfect. Ps.18:32