“There comes a time in every rightly constructed boy’s life that he has a raging  desire to go somewhere and dig for hidden treasure.”            ~Mark Twain


Think about what YOU consider to be a treasure today; Is it that souvenir bat or ball from a baseball game long ago? The teddy bear that you’ve had forever & couldn’t bear to part with? The locket from your great grandmother? The laughter in your child’s eyes? A letter from a long lost love? The feeling of joy from helping another person? The memory of a special day, or of a family gathering?  

Perhaps your treasure is still waiting to be discovered…  what might it be? Sometimes there are undiscovered treasures right before our very eyes, all it takes is for us to remove the blinders of busy-ness to notice, a       chirping bird at play, a butterfly landing, a rolling marble ;-),  a soft breeze, a beautiful sunset, etc…. 

Treasures looks differently to each of us and no matter what ours is;  even those we’ve yet to be discover, our hearts will swell whenever we see, or think of this treasure…  Even if we have NO CLUE what it is, there is still a yearning deep within for that treasure to be found.  

Picture that treasure waiting for you, waiting to be discovered; what happens, or will happen when you find it?  Do you let out a squeal or shout of joy?   Do you do a happy dance?  Do you grab hold of the closest friend to share the excitement you feel?  

Whatever it is, seize a treasured moment now…  do that happy dance, let out that squeal or shout of joy, grab hold of your closest friend and share whatever it is you treasure.  Perhaps, that friend, that dance, that squeal,  is the treasure…  

Seize the moment, Seize the treasure, Seize the Joy!

Share the Excitement!

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I went on a treasure hunt today, found a few marbles, a shower floor, and a happy pup that trotted along behind me hoping for a treat.  What treasures did you find today??

Seizing & Sharing Joyful Treasures
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