1. At the age of 3 I took a tomato for a walk because a spider told me to & freaked my Mom out in the process.

2. I hope to someday publish a book.

3. I have aspirations of being a inspirational/motivational speaker as well.

4. Several years ago I took a drama class and was told during a test, that my acting was better than that she’d seen from her favorite actor on television.

5. I was incredibly, incredibly shy as a child.

6. I joined the Navy not long after graduated from High School because my brother didn’t think I could handle it. I showed him!

7. My favorite color used to be red, then it changed to green, and now it’s orange… however I am still very fond of red & green & it has nothing to do with Christmas.


8. The first time I was invited to go to Karaoke with my friend Cindi, I had absolutely NO INTENTION of getting up in front of all those people & singing. Now I long to be back in front of the mic!! I have passed that gift on to a few amazing friends.

9. My first teenage crush lasted for YEARS…. I used to leave presents on his doorstep & several times a friend and I decorated his car, always signed “Your Secret Admirer”. It never amounted to anything, but it was sure fun!

10. I have been known to break out in song just by a phrase someone has said. It’s awesome when they join in!

11. I once had a crush on Speed Racer, and Donny Osmond, and Andy Gibb – not all at the same time.

12. My favorite shirt when I was in high school said “I’m only in love with…” and had a bunch of different guy names on it. It was brown, and the lettering was white. I LOVED that shirt for some reason & wish I knew what happened to it.

13. I once drove my daughter Julie to an appointment with wearing a duck beak the whole way. Her saving grace was that my bridge broke just around the time we pulled into the parking lot, so she got to go in by herself, without further embarrassment. (I’m told this one is a lie…  I think my daughter was trying to get back at me by telling me “There was still plenty of embarrassment when you quacked at the parking attendant with no teeth!”) Posted on Facebook no less!!  Guess she got the last laugh!!

Who’s up for joining in & sharing their own fun facts?