Put a Little Spring in Your Step…

I’ve often wondered how that phrase came to be, and while on one hand it sounds really catchy, there’s something about it that seems at times daunting.

Take a person who may be struggling, with grief, with loss, with depression, a condescending spouse, significant other, or boss; how difficult those words would be to hear, much less act on don’tcha think?

The well hid critic within me, rears its head…  “And what about people in wheelchairs, or on crutches, or older people who simply CAN’T as you call it put a SPRING in their step?”

It’s just a thought…  or is it?  How DOES one put a spring in their step?

In MY mind, doing such a thing is an internal happening;  one that isn’t always easy, but under the right circumstances, it is entirely doable.

Just writing about this puts a spring in my step…  I can feel the excitement building as I type, wondering where my thoughts are taking me, and I’m typing laying down, my face alight with a smile bordering on a soon to be escaped chuckle.  Ah, there it goes!  😀

For those who may struggle upon hearing that little phrase, take heart, many of us know how daunting it can be, and yet, if you allow your mind to salivate upon hearing the words…  ponder what they might mean….  your heart may soon be skipping.  Allow a bit of inner silliness to take hold…  You may at that point feel like skipping yourself…  That my friend is when you know the power behind those words.

Don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t happen right away, or for awhile….  You’ll get there, and while you’re making your way…  Picture me, cheering you on.

Go on then, put a little spring in your step…  and if you feel like skipping, skip!

©Sue Anderson, I.T.E
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