There isn’t a day that goes by which doesn’t at some point find me listening to music, even if it happens to be the sound of my own voice singing zippity-doo-dah!

I LOVE music.  I LIVE music. I BREATHE music.  I DREAM music.  Yes, I sing in my sleep…  doesn’t everybody? 😉

I’ve been known to burst out in song based on what someone has said…  This sometimes has a desired effect of getting a sing-a-long to a variety of word bursted melodies started.  Yes, I’m crazy, and it sure is FUN!

I’ve got the music in me,
I’ve got the music in me,
I’ve got the music in ME

Song after song plays in my head throughout the day…  even as I right this…  How can I NOT have the music in me.  Music is a natural anti-depressant.  Turn up those good ole tunes & I’m a happy camper…  Even the Hokey Pokey gets me turned around….  and I LIVE to get others to join in!!

Who’s ready to put their right foot in?  I’ve got the music in me….  and I’m singing and dancing the day away!

I’ve Got the Music in Me
©Sue Anderson, 2015
Certifiably Silly & Positively Amazing TOO!