To have a brownie or not to have a brownie? That is the question weighing on my mind.

At one time, the only option for me would have to been to HAVE the brownie.  These days however I’m surprised to find myself opting out more often then not. It is after all, the healthIER alternative.

It hasn’t always been this way.  There have been many, MANY years of my life when I was at a weight that no matter what I ate, I didn’t gain an ounce.  These days it’s a different story!

The funny thing is, I’m actually enjoying healthIER eating.  Do I still have a brownie craving? Of course I do! Do I ever give in? I’d be lying if I said no…  

There’s a Bakery near me that makes brownies that are to die for. Before I started the “healthIER” journey, I would stop in on a Friday, and leave with 4 in a box… 2 for me, 2 for my hubby.  Of course I had to have one for the road, so I’d buy 5.  Last Saturday I was in the area, and it’s been awhile, I’ve done really good, so I decided to reward myself… I bought just ONE.  

It’s not the easiest journey, but I’m happy to report, I’m on the winning end. It’s a GREAT day to not have a brownie!

©Sue Anderson