I am Sue, the Mom of Grown Twin daughters & Granny of 2 amazing grandchildren.

I love to sing, and encourage others. I can be downright silly at times… sometimes more often than not, and I love to meet new people. I love life, I believe each day is a gift, and am always looking for the little surprises God has in store for us. I enjoy writing, and I like to blog, though sometimes my thinkin & my fingers don’t cooperate! And I LOVE feedback, good, bad, and enthusiastic, so don’t be shy!

Each of us has the capacity to learn and grow from our experiences.  Often, we feel like we might be the only person on the planet who is struggling with an issue or illness. This can cause us to feel isolated and alone.

Sharing our struggles is a way of reaching out.  It is also a way that we can encourage another person who is walking in those same or similar shoes.

Sharing our successes after having survived a struggle is a way of offering hope and encouragement to someone who may feel there IS no hope.

I can remember a time I just couldn’t seem to get out of bed and, experienced a very deep depression. This depression lasted for 3 long, miserable years. Though I loved my job, I often found myself headed in the totally opposite direction, and usually ended up off to the side of the road crying my eyes out.

My family didn’t understand.  My then husband, (now ex), harped on me constantly about the responsibilities I had and was expected to maintain.  Though I was actively seeing a therapist and, had been through several unsuccessful trials of various antidepressants prescribed by my primary care doctor, my life just seemed to continue to get worse!

I tried to get my husband to come to the doctor, and or counseling with me, in hopes of getting some support..  All of my efforts seemed fruitless.  I felt worthless, and, as though I was a burden to my family.  I considered suicide.

Not much later after a recommendation from my therapist, I saw for the first time in my life a psychiatrist.  A new diagnosis and a new medication brought about some very scary side effects, I found myself in the In-patient Psych Unit at a local hospital. Leaving there, even with an additional diagnosis, I felt a renewed sense of hope.

The things that I learned during my four day stay in the hospital were invaluable to me.  I also felt an immense sense of fear.  I worried about how these illnesses would affect my life.  The fear I encountered in many ways gave me the feeling of a rug being pulled out from under me.  The years that followed seemed like a roller coaster ride gone wild as my life as I’d known it changed drastically.

As I look back on that time, I marvel at where my life has taken me. The curse that I felt was only just yesterday has, become an incredible blessing.  A rather fond childhood memory involving of all things, a tomato, (which I’ll share with you some other time) was a small part of the ’spark’ that rekindled the fire of hope within me.

It reminded me that we all have a purpose in life and what mine was.  It helped me to see outside of my own problems, to be able to see the bigger picture. As time went on and I shared my struggles with others, I found myself opening new doors.  As I walked through each new door and met new people, the way I saw myself started to change.  My confidence grew as I was encouraged and supported by those I met.  I no longer felt like I was ‘the only one on the planet’ struggling with my illness.

As I think on this, I remember reading a story awhile back regarding the opening and closing of doors in our lives.  Some doors I have  encountered remain locked to me. Some doors were closed, none to gently behind me, while still others I was only to happy to close on my own.  I’ve often found myself wondering about the growth I might experience by reopening a few of those doors. Several doors I’ve yet to encounter sing out with the promise of new opportunities to learn and grow.  I’m excited to see where this new path takes me.

Working as a a Peer Support Specialist is one job that I have enjoyed immensely as it utilizes all of my natural strengths and abilities.  And while many aspects of this life, are  far from the picture of perfection I’d like them to be,  at each obstacle I encounter, I find the most creative ways to jump over them.  While some obstacles are tougher than others, Life IS an adventure worth every moment.  I am constantly learning new things with each and every turn, and with that I grow.

Today, I stand in the middle of an internet style courtyard, opening this door to you.

Let’s meander into the living room…  I hope you are encouraged during your visits here.

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